Standard Terms & Conditions

The subject of these conditions is to regulate the sales of services offered by Partner to the BTG, as it is requested by regulation of Latvian Law. This section applies to majority of our partners and suppliers and do not relates to our clients or customers.


Baltic Travel Group LLC.;
Person who is offering services (accommodation, transportation, catering services, guide services and entertainment services, visa support and other travel related services) to BTG and its customers;
The Parties
BTG and the partner jointly;
Services (accommodation, transportation catering services, guide services and entertainment services, visa support and other travel related services) provided to the BTG by Partner;
BTG clients
Persons (individual and/or legal entities) who are being provided with Travel services by BTG;
Booking form
Written form for ordering of Services;
Total price
Complete price for Services;
Public price
Hotel room price that is available publically and is set by Partner;
Standard price list
Standard prices set from Partner for his services;

Terms of payment

  1. BTG shall pay for the services according to the invoice issued by the Partner. The Partner shall issue the invoice not later than 7 days after the departure of the guests.
  2. The BTG will settle the invoice no later than fourteen (14) days after receipt of the invoice, following the payment details on the Partner’s invoice.


  1. Parties hereby agree that all invoices shall be prepared and sent to other party electronically. Electronically sent invoices are valid without signature.
  2. The Partner shall send the invoice to the responsible BTG manager with copy to BTG e-mail e-mail for projects from Latvia, e-mail for projects from Estonia and e-mail for projects from Lithuania. The Partner shall attach to invoice a copy of BTG’s voucher.
  3. The BTG shall be liable for the correctness of the e-mail addresses and availability of e-mail communication.

Order procedure

  1. For each Service BTG issues to the Partner a purchase order, specifying the required service description.
  2. By accepting purchase order the Partner agrees to these terms and conditions.

Terms of booking

  1. Bookings made by BTG shall indicate the number and type of rooms, date of arrival and departure, names of customers and terms of payment. BTG shall precede bookings in writing by e-mail.
  2. Booking requests shall be made by sending a complete Booking form with full details of the customer by e-mail.
  3. BTG shall proceed group bookings in writing by e-mail, indicating, number and name lists of travelers, number and type of rooms, arrival date and time, departure date and time.
  4. If the Partner (hotel) fails to provide the accommodation/services ordered and confirmed for a particular date, the Partner (hotel) warns BTG not later than 15 (fifteen days) before the arrival of the guests. Partner (hotel) guarantee BTG clients accommodation in at least the same or higher level hotel in nearest surroundings without additional expenses on the BTG. The Partner (hotel) shall bear the subsequent price difference as well as obliged to arrange one-way transportation at it’s own cost to the respective accommodation establishment.
  5. In case the group is relocated it should be accommodated in one hotel.
  6. In case BTG finds alternative hotel itself, the reservation in Partners hotel is cancelled without additional cost for the late cancellation.

Public price

  1. In case on the day of reservation in hotels website there is published lower price for the arrival period than stated in contract between Partner and BTG, then BTG is provided with discount of 10% (ten per cent) from the Public price.
  2. In case FIT or Group paid the services on the spot in the Hotel in accordance with the standard price list or price as agreed, and FIT / Group has come to the Hotel, using BTG services, the BTG’s commission is 10% (ten %) of the paid-up value of the services which it receives from the Partner.


  1. Each 16th person in group stays free of charge in single room (Sgl) or shared Twin/Dbl if single room (Sgl) is not ordered with the same free meal plan as the rest of the group. Maximum 3 persons per group.

Employee price

  1. Partner provides discount for accomodation of 75% (seventy five %) from the Public price on the day of reservation for BTG employees and business partners.
  2. Partner is entitled to ask for certifying documents at the time of booking.


  1. If cancellations for individual tourists are received later than 1 (one) day before the date of arrival, BTG reimburses costs established in contract in amount of 100% (one hundred %) of the first night stay per cancelled room.
  2. In case of a no-show, Partner has the right to charge the BTG in the amount of 100% of the first night’s stay.
    21.1. 29 day prior to arrival date group can be cancelled partly or in full without penalty fee;
    21.2. 28 - 20 days prior to arrival, reduce 75% accommodation reservations without penalty fee;
    21.3. 19 - 11 days prior to arrival, reduce 50% accommodation reservations without penalty fee;
    21.4. 10 - 3 days prior to arrival, reduce 25% accommodation reservations without penalty fee;
    21.5. 2 - 0 days prior to arrival, 2 rooms could be cancelled without penalty fee.
    21.6. All percentage stated in articles 21.1 to 21.5. shall be calculated from the initial group size.
    21.7. If the free cancellation norms are exceeded, Partner (Hotel) has the right to charge the BTG in the amount of 100% of the first night’s stay.

Obligations of BTG

  1. BTG commits to pay Partner for provided services in accordance with invoices issued by Partner.
  2. BTG commits to provide partner with all necessary information concerning reservations and accommodation of BTG clients.

Responsibility of BTG

  1. If the Partner has incurred damage due to a natural disaster, a war, a riot, the suspension of the provision of transportation and accommodation facilities, etc., an order of a government or other public offices, or any other event in which BTG is unable to intervene, BTG shall not be responsible for compensating for the damage.
  2. BTG shall not be responsible for any damage, loss and/or expenses of any nature caused by the Partner.

Obligations of the Partner

  1. The Partner acknowledges provisions set in these conditions as binding.
  2. The Partner is obligated to follow cancellation conditions as per written confirmation of each booking.

Responsibility of the Partner

  1. If BTG has incurred any damage caused by the Partner intentionally or by negligence, the Partner shall compensate BTG for such damage.
  2. In case of incurrence of any losses to the BTG clients due to Partner’s fault, the Partner obliges to compensate all losses directly to BTG clients. The Partner agrees that all communication with the clients shall be ensured by BTG.

Rates increase

  1. The agreed prices cannot be increased during the calendar year period, except the cases if new charges or payments are introduced in relation to this business. The Partner will honour existing bookings at confirmed rates as stated on the reservation confirmation.

Force Majeure

  1. None of the Parties shall bear any responsibility against the other Party for non-fulfilment or delay fulfilment of the Party’s obligations under these conditions provided such non-fulfilment or delay fulfilment is caused by any condition beyond the control of such Party, including, among others, fire, earthquake, storm, floods, epidemic, drought or other nature disaster, war, deeds of government, export restrictions and currency restrictions.

Legal jurisdiction and governing law

  1. These conditions shall be interpreted and performed in accordance with the laws of Latvia.
  2. Any dispute, controversy or claim arising out of or relating to these conditions shall be finally resolved exclusively by Latvian court in accordance with Latvian laws.